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Experience And Passion Count

Our Story

Over twenty years ago, Ben Rasmussen, the owner of Aneco Pest Management needed a change in his day to day life.

That was when he discovered the world of Professional Pest Management. A random invitation to interview with a friend's employer opened a door to what would become his life's work.

Starting as a pest technician, and advancing through the ranks to eventually become the Service Manager for a local pest control firm, and then opening the doors here at Aneco Pest Management in 2015. Ben's journey through our industry has been a true joy in his life.

"I have always loved learning new things, and solving puzzles. When I discovered Pest Control, I found a career that offered me new lessons every day, and new challenges at every home or office I serviced.

No two accounts are the same, and there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. Each door I knock on is a new puzzle to solve, with new things to learn.

I count myself lucky that I really do love the work that we do, and at the end of every day, I know we have helped people and that in our small way, we have made their lives better in the process."   Ben Rasmussen, Owner.